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iPad now available in India


Apple iPad is finally officially available in India, it has been launched today after approximately a year’s delay considering its launch in April 2010 in U.S.

Now, considering the rumors surrounding the iPad 2 launch sometime in February, this launch is Continue reading “iPad now available in India” »

Maybe the best online Image editor?


I am talking about the Pixlr image editor, this tool is great for basic image editing and perhaps some advanced effects can also be achieved if you’re familiar with photoshop’s interface because this Continue reading “Maybe the best online Image editor?” »

Some randomly selected but useful iPhone apps


Here are a couple of  iPhone apps that are really good at what they do and also are fun to use! Continue reading “Some randomly selected but useful iPhone apps” »

Tear down – Samsung Galaxy tab


Fine folks at jkkmobile have dissected the Samsung Galaxy tab, while they don’t recommend you to do it, the dissection has revealed a significant portion of the tab’s innards covered by a massive 14.8WHr battery. Continue reading “Tear down – Samsung Galaxy tab” »

iPhone alarm malfunctions due to the DST bug


A bug in the iPhone alarm app caused the alarms to go off an hour late as Europe switched from daylight time to standard time recently. So if you want your alarm to go off at for ex at 4:00 then you must set it to 3:00 if you don’t wanna be late. This problem was seen a few weeks back in Australia when the time switch happened over there and now it’s Europe and next will be North America on November 7th if Apple doesn’t roll out the necessary fix in time.

But the question is why didn’t Apple roll out the promised fix after the bug hit Australia and more importantly will it be able to do so before it hits N. America?

World’s fastest supercomputer


The Tianhe-1A supercomputer was recently unveiled at the HPC 2010 China, this beast has a massive amount of silicon inside, well, to be precise it has 14,336 Intel Xeon Processors and 7,168 NVIDIA Tesla M2050 GPU’s. Now that’s some rad configuration. Continue reading “World’s fastest supercomputer” »

The Walkman is dead..


After 30 years, the glorious life of the classic Sony Walkman has came to and end. Sony has stopped the production of the cassette Walkman after the final batch that shipped out in April.

So after that batch clears from the shelves, the world will pretty much be out of fresh Walkmans, no more of those cool mix-tapes (though they have been largely replaced by playlists anyways) .

After the launch of first Walkman on July 1, 1979, Sony sold some 200 million units during it’s lifespan of 30 years. An interesting thing to note is that this announcement was made just one day ahead of the iPod’s ninth anniversary on October 23, though the downfall of Walkman was primarily because of the introduction of CD players in the 90’s and not because of the iPod.

Update: Turns out that Sony will continue producing the Walkman in China to meet the demands in US, Europe and some Asian countries. You almost had us Sony!

Adobe’s HTML 5 player


Adobe’s new video player plays html 5 video in browsers that support it and falls back to flash on the ones that don’t, thus effectively making it cross-platform. Continue reading “Adobe’s HTML 5 player” »

Atleast he fixed the cheap part..


Continue reading “Atleast he fixed the cheap part..” »